Another Early Morning

Another early morning watching the sunrise at the beach. Can’t complain about that.

Went out for dinner last night and had the best hush puppies ever. They were fabulous. And instead of  serving them with ketchup, they serve them with melted butter.  You dip them.  And why not? They are really just big fried bread balls. It was amazing. I thought of Jz and her liking for hush puppies, and wished she was there.

Project for the day is doing stuff around the house. I have two sets of shelves to put together, and one set that needs new tacks in the back of it. Once I’ve done that, I can really finish organizing. Good times ahead!


The Can of Worms…

Can of worms, Jack-in-the-box, Pandora’s box – pick your analogy.  Doesn’t matter.  The can is open, Jack’s out and won’t go back and the lid to the box is just standing ajar.  Sigh.

Yep, talking about the toys was the slippery slope, the gateway to hell for the conversations I’ve been avoiding for a while now.  I don’t have a lot more to say, out of respect for MP’s privacy, but feel free to note that neither of us are enjoying this process much.

I am standing firm on the patch of ground bordered by the message that his feelings are not my problem, it’s not up to me to cure them.  Getting closer now is not the solution.  He needs to work on his own stuff.  It’s not up to me.  Repeat hourly.

I think that I won’t talk about this anymore here.   I don’t think I will.

The up-side is that it’s now really clear that I want to go to munches on my own.  It came with a price, for both of us, but it is what it is.

Working on my zen…



It’s a Problem

Years ago, when MP was my Sir and I thought I was going to live submissively ever after, he took all my toys and locked them up in his toy bag.  Not that I had a ton of toys, but I had a few.  Vibrating dildos, a rabbit or two.  I don’t even remember what else.

I was fine with it then.  He was, after all, my Sir, so it was reasonable that he would be in charge of sex toys.

But maybe not so fine now.  It’s been years since I’ve seen them.   Years.  I do have the hitachi wand he gave me, which is nice, but it’s a lot to pack for travel. Besides which – they were my toys.  Mine.  One was the vibrating dildo I bought when I went to the adult toy store with ‘Nilla, long ago.  They have some sentimental value.  And would pack easily when I go out of town.

I’ve asked for them a couple of times.  Maybe 3 times over the years that he’s had them locked up.  But not lately.  I haven’t asked him lately, and when I did, he just avoided answering and I didn’t pursue it and push the point because i-don’t-know-why.

So now, here i am, all sort of pitiful, wanting my toys.  And not wanting to ask for them.

i think i’ll just go buy a new one.  I’m looking at maybe this one:

Yep, cliterrific.  Don’t laugh.  Ok, go ahead and laugh…  🙂  Yes, it is seriously pink.  But it has good reviews!!


What do you think?

FFF 5-4 (on Saturday – um, Sunday…)

Yep, i’m a day two days late to the FFF party.  As you might have guessed, that may be because i’ve done poorly (again) and even my glucose numbers are starting to rise (a bit.)  My weight is still up and down around the same point.

Last week, I was at about 40,000 steps for the week.  😦  I’ll let you do the math on the sad daily average that is.  But it is actually a bit better the previous week, so there’s that.

Then I looked at the article fondles posted on the 10 things that happen if you sit all day.  Good grief.  No wonder I’m not losing weight.  Yikes.

I’ve been working on a project for work that’s pretty demanding and hours go by without me getting up from my desk.  Plus, I started a class for certification as a life coach, and that’s been pretty time-consuming too.  So i’m excited about that, and kind of excited about the work project, which will end with doing an intense workshop on Tuesday.

I’m hard at work on the house too,so that’s something, and while we’re not at a stage where “de-cluttering”is an actual possibility, (you have to have space set up that’s cluttered before that can happen) there is lots of organizing going on.

In other news, my daughter and grands have tickets for their flight in, and will be here in 4 weeks. Wooohooo!!

Ok, have a ton of stuff to do today – and an invitation to a neighborhood block party.  Yep, we get to go meet the neighbors.  As a committed introvert, i can think of a dozen reasons to back out at the last minute, but okaaaay, i won’t.

Hitting publish now while it’s still Sunday!!  I bet I missed Fondles recap of the week – that’s the first time I’ve done that.  😦  I’ll do better next week.




FFF – 3-30

Here we are, once again.  Time for check-in.

I think i lost a pound!  I say “i think” because my weight fluctuates within a couple of pounds day to day.  It doesn’t just go down and stay down but shows up within a range.  Right now, I’m fluctuating between Something-something-6 and Something-something-4.  When i’ve seen a new low to my range, and have seen it more than once, then I consider that having  “lost” the weight.   Do youall experience the same thing?

Other than that, i don’t have anything new to report.  Ho-hum.

I did get a message from a Domme on fetlife who lives in my area and is looking for friends.  I thought that might be fun, so I messaged her back. We’ll see.  Even just some conversation would be nice.

Packing – that’s what i’m mostly doing these days.  Ok, that’s not true – I have help with the packing, so I’m not actually doing that personally. I’m watching the belongings we have disappear into boxes, neatlly labeled boxes, stacked in the spare room.  Like magic.

What i do (aside from working) is make arrangements for stuff.  Changes in utilities, addresses, etc, etc, etc.   Stuff turned on, stuff turned off.  Stuff scheduled.  Fortunately, MP is doing some of that arranging too – handy man, electrician, and more.  We’re cataloging what has to be done before we move in and what can wait, when we have to be at the new house, and when we need to be here.  I’m not complaining – our last move was a thousand times more complicated and more difficult than this.

But – as you can see – it’s pretty much all i can think about.  That, and work, which you probably don’t want to hear about.

And i keep walking away from this and coming back.  Which is not making it any more interesting than it was before.

So, um, I think i lost a pound.  Woohoo!!